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Developing Asia influenced games for multiple platforms


Our own in-house games and games for 3rd parties

Multiple Verticals

Developing games for mobile and Landbased

Flexible Approach

Separate delivery of Concept, Assets, Sound, Math and Backend

The Great Archer

The Great Archer is now live!


Type: 5×4 Video Slot 1024 ways game
Volatility: 2/3

The great archer Houyi shot down 9 of the 10 Suns, returning the world from an apocalyptic wasteland. He will bring you luck for this game.

Mobile Focused UI

  • Flexible and responsive

  • Designed for simple plug in process

  • Modular component-based architecture

  • Device agnostic – H5 develop once deploy to anywhere

  • Super fast rendering utilising WebGL

Original Math

  • Library of proven models

  • Original bespoke development

  • Built for your platform

  • Combined with our asset delivery

  • Rapid deployment via our back end

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